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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shirley Bassey performs at the Big Between the Moon and New York City Blog Celebration

Shirley Bassey performed the "Between the Moon and New York City" blog theme song last night at a star studded celebration for Michael Matrone's blog. Thousands showed up in Matrone's Queens New York backyard despite the chilling 30 degree November temperatures.

Behind the Menu... November New York City Weekend

Friday, November 21, 2008

Joan and Jackie Collins Partying in the Back of a Limo...

Joan and Jackie Collins both autographed this great photo of the two of them drinking champagne` in the back of a limosine. Available for sale with lots of other Joan Collins memorabilia at


"Dynasty" Joan Collins Gown... Designed by Nolan Miller

Think you'd like to have this beautiful gown desgined by Nolan Miller once worn by screen vixen Joan Collins herself? Nolan Miller designed this gown worn by Joan Collins for her role as the evil but sexy Alexis on "Dynasty". Included is a color image of Joan Collins wearing the gown, standing next to Elizabeth Taylor at a dinner for Princess Margaret.

Joan Collins Nolan Miller gown is available for sale at

Comes with the printed image of Joan Collins wearing the dress with Elizabeth Taylor. Also included is a Certificate of Authenticity from Nolan Miller.

DYNASTY Alexis Dominique Catfight